This week’s most important stories (that we’ve seen) are listed below:

@BumblebeeTrust: Heading to the garden centre this weekend? Don’t forget to get plants good for #bees. Check our list
MT @TheNatureCentre: Celebrate Edgbaston Reservoir becoming Local Nature Reserve. Special event Sat 10-3 tel: 675 3278
Court finds Monsanto guilty of poisoning: #GM #pesticides

Energy & Climate Change
Are you a bit confused about what’s happening with Feed-in-Tariffs. Here’s a DECC FAQs page that may be of help:
MT @AirportWatch: Interesting website showing changes in oil price by day, 5 days, month, year, 3 years, 5 years:
Great video by @ecotricity saying goodbye to cooling towers and hello to wind turbines:
RT @wwwfoecouk: EDF profits from sky-high energy bills: Energy company EDF’s 2011 profits jumped due to high…
MT @RichardBurdenMP: Useful meeting with @Bham_FOE & @northfieldeco this am on issues raised in #FinalDemand Campaign:
RT @wwwfoecouk: Why has Cameron signed up to expensive new UK #nuclear plants we don’t need? #energy
EDF comes under fire for jump in profits: by @graeme_brown for @birminghampost

EDF Under Fire For Stitching Up Consumers – Local Group Seeks Help From @RichardBurdenMP – press release:
Wow, that’s quite a leap! RT @grist: Sales of solar panels for Japanese homes are up 30.7% in 2011
RT @BCABS5: We’re referring #fuelpoverty clients to Brum’s #staywarmstaywell scheme. Freephone 0800 0337967 to access free support & advice
“the big energy companies in the UK have come through another year with big profits” & fuel poverty rises: #finaldemand

Average Arctic temperatures in 2011 were 2.28 degrees above those recorded 1951-1980 – concern now over tipping points:
“If you like your hypocrisy sandwiches served with a side order of double standards”: #deniergate @leohickman

On Tuesday, public meeting to discuss biofuels and biomass “Burning Crops and Breaking Rocks 7.00pm, council house:
RT @wwwfoecouk: Good news: Co-op cuts emissions by 35% & saves £40m per year #supermarkets #climatechange #economy
Call to embrace community energy:
New blog post by Kara Moses on the Birmingham Energy Savers New Deal consultation last week:

This is what @quintainplc thinks of Birmingham’s heritage and legal section 106 agreements with the planning cttee:
RT @digbeth: John Bull and John Hemming MP demonstrate their love for Island House – #saveislandhouse
RT @ReStirredForum: See Re~Stirred Forum re: Connaught Square or Digbeth Park ?
On the day of the Digbeth Summit, here’s some good news; awful Connaught Square plans dropped – let’s have a park 🙂

Great letter in the @birminghampost today by Rob Sutton about Island House. We’ll post a link when it’s online #saveislandhouse
Land use in a rebalanced Birmingham economy: a kindred concern:
Glad @theneweconomics responded to this rubbish by Sainsbury’s about killling off the high street:

MT @StopCityAirport: A farmer in Java needs to pick seeds for 18 days for one person to fly from Frankfurt to Hamburg:
New report out on the damaging impacts of aviation biofuels – only solution is to cut the number of flights taken:
Air pollution linked to heart attack risk – so can we do something about it in Brum, please:

MT @sionsimon: (20mph) on suburban streets has always been my inclination. A bigger change would be if 30 limits were actually enforced.
RT @PostBusiness: David Bailey Blog: Electric car era off to a slow start – not very surprising in a recession.

Waste & Resource Use
RT @KarenCannard: Comedian Mark Thomas tells shoppers to take action on ‘bloody packaging’

What can an elected Mayor do for a city and region? What does it mean for city democracy? debate (via @Dan_Bridgewater)
Excellent, a rush of people signing up for our city of the future sustainable economics event. Book your place now:
RT @beaubodor: I believe the Government is rebranding Job Seekers Allowance as ‘Tesco Value Wages’ #supermarkets
Why profit-led growth is a myth: – more interested in such stories ahead of our economics event:

Investors call on European Central Bank to address “carbon bubble” risk:
Seconded: MT @jonwalker121 Congrats @podnosh, #brumbloggers & other vols on Big Society award 4 Social Media Surgeries
RT @pauldezylva: David Miliband MP says the #GreenestGovtEver is not “even pretending to greenwash anymore.”
Ever wondered why economic growth is a threat to the environment and to economic sustainability? Answers here:

Julia Slay of @theneweconomics has been looking at effects of austerity measures in Bham: – she’ll also be speaking.
Know what a steady state economy is and why it is desirable? We’ll have a speaker talking about it on 20th March:

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