Here’s our regular round up of the key stories in the news by campaign areas:

RT @guardianeco: Conserving biodiversity hotspots ‘could bring world’s poor $500bn a year’

Really horrible – ignoring evidence: RT @Earth_News: Badger kill zones revealed: :

RT @SimonBowens: BASF pull GM out of Europe – potentially great news for campaigners against GM potato trials at Hedon:
@Buzz_dont_tweet: ‘#UKGov must ban neonicotinoids now before further damage is done to our fragile ecosystems’ #bees
RT @foeeurope: Another nail in the coffin for genetically modified foods in Europe as #BASF quits Europe #gmo ^FG

Energy & Climate Change
News just in: Judgement on Govt appeal against High Court solar ruling will be made on Weds 25th January at 10am #FITs
RT @DeborahDoaneWDM: So now high carbon investments are “sub-prime”. You have been warned: in @guardian

#FF @GreedyLyingBast Greedy Lying Bastards: US filmmaker attacks oil industry
Light at end of the tunnel for solar industry:
RT @dpcarrington: UK: #Wind power passes 6GW in UK, can now supply 3.3m homes >Chief Sec to Treasury calls for more
RT @powellds: Looks like @Policy_Exchange‘s report is not doing their reputation with Govt economists much good…
RT @BBCBirmingham: Solar panels are installed on Wolverhampton Civic Centre at a cost of £123,00. – good to see.

RT @CPRE: Want to know how planning works and how to respond to a local application? – planning explained.
RT @digbeth: Support @OccupyBrum in their campaign to #saveislandhouse

MT @wwwfoecouk: New roads, nuclear power stations and biomass plants can be stopped. Free training day on 25 February:
Brighton and Bolton Councils are investing in their markets . . . Birmingham next?

RT @doug_parr: Reduce CO2 emissions and get better school performance from kids. Would beat any Gove initiative.

Estuary airport would be an environmental disaster:

Thames Estuary would mean no expansion at any other airport if we want to hit legally binding CO2 reduction targets:
Excellent article by John Stewart on Cameron’s support for Boris Island Airport: #notoaviationexpansion
RT @leftfootfwd @donnahume: FoE: Support solar to help low-income families cut energy bills
RT @carbonbrief: A new book suggests climate models inaccurate as they fail to include effects of trees via @SciDevNet
New post on the blog about Big Energy Week and what @BCABS5 Birmingham Citizens Advice Bureau are doing to help people:
Guard rails on Kings Heath High Street – we say they’re a bad idea and other measures should be looked at:
BAA believes that by 2032 HS2 will cut Heathrow domestic flights. Numbers have been falling for past 10 years, anyway:

Waste & Resource Use
RT @EBRI_UK: Biochar is a by-product of the bionergy process which has a number of useful properties. Find out more:
RT @gasstreetworks: Oooh Apple are offering you cash for your old tech as part of their new ‘reuse or recycle’ scheme.
Talking Rubbish on the Radio Again – our piece is at 6 mins 30 seconds: and there’s a blog post:
RT @EBRI_UK: Check out our latest video on producing bioenergy from waste

Govt “takes a step backwards & offers scant hope in facilitating UK’s move to a truly sustainable economic & environmental future” @CIWEM You can read their full report on mainstreaming sustainable development here:
RT @birminghampost: Comedian Rob Newman takes part in Birmingham environmental event

RT @dailybirmingham: Eating Your Greens: The Birmingham Green Restaurant Awards for 2012 have been launched.
If you’re looking for a short-term part time job getting experience in energy advice, @northfieldeco are recruiting:
RT @Localfoodhere: Want to work for HEFF? A full time job vacancy for someone to run our exciting Local Food Store!

RT @MikeChilds1: Why I disagree with Fred Pearce and @GeorgeMonbiot on solar & rail (as much as I love them too!)
“A sustainable start to the year at Aston University” and we’ll be there as usual:

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