Here’s our weekly selection of news stories gathered from twitter:

Well done – any fruit trees among them?: RT @WaseemZaffar: 61 new trees planted in Lozells & East Handsworth Ward

RT @wwwfoecouk: Interesting news on #bee decline – pesticides and disease makes for deadly combination for bees

RT @leohickman: Footage captures final hours of orangutan’s life as Sumatran rainforest around her is destroyed

Oceans will provide $2 trillion per year less by the end of the century unless #climate change is abated, says report

@BBCRBlack: How bee reserves are being created on rooftops – great pics @BBCNature #urban #cities

Energy & Climate Change
RT @CraigBennett3: From Business Green: Solar sector hails ‘landmark’ Supreme Court ruling against subsidy cuts

Visit an eco #SuperHome in Bournville, Birmingham this weekend. Find out how CO2 was cut by 75%. Free open house event

RT @BBCRBlack: Fossil fuels ‘stubborn to substitution’, study concludes

RT @jossgarman: #BP said if blow out, will cause biggest spill in world, just off Scotland. Ed Davey consents it:

RT @guardianeco: #Budget2012 catch-up:: #Osborne fires starting gun on dash for #gas by @fionaharvey

RT @BHPlanet: 27/03 Meeting for people in Balsall Heath wanting to make homes energy efficient – how to pay for it!

The “DECC coup”, Nigel Lawson and green taxes: George Osborne and climate change | Carbon Brief:

Index-linked bonds could replicate Birmingham’s energy saving programme:

RT @dpcarrington: Davey’s ‘dash-for-#gas‘ U-turn means its the Big 6 vs consumers for UK’s #energy and #climate future

Tory patriotism fuels wind energy ad campaign:

Responses to two consultations on our website; Eastside Masterplan: and Places for the Future:

Hopes rise for Birmingham Wholesale Markets rescue plan: – this does sound promising.

Have this in mind when Mr #Osborne claims his new #planning system / #NPPF will be good for business + economic growth:

Tesco wins Birmingham site battle against coop in Stirchley – didn’t see this in the local press:

Future of Wholesale Markets will not be debated by Bham City Council despite huge petition: – hope it’s reversed in May

RT @SimonBowens: blog post about double standards at @englishheritage – anyone else spotted such political bias?

RT @LocaliseWM: New: @RELURUF video policy briefs released!: Managing environmental change at the rural urban fringe:

It’s time to really start planning for much higher oil prices. Nothing we can do, so need to ensure smooth transition:

RT @birminghampost: #HS2 could see Bham Airport renamed as London-Birmingham, claims chief engineer: -why we’re against

RT @AirportWatch: Budget 2012: George Osborne’s fossil-fuelled fantasy is the road to nowhere | Damian Carrington

RT @BHPlanet: Practical encouragement for people to cycle – looks like a good day coming up at MAC on 28 April

Best poster ever for car sharing? RT @orangejon: When you drive alone you ride with Hitler, says @Powellds #BrumCOTF

RT @birminghampost: Midland mways M6 and M42 to be used for 80mph speed limit trial – great 1st for higher death rates

So, Birmingham has 2 of the 10 worst roads/junctions for cyclists in the country. Both where there are supposed to be cycle lanes! #proud
Here is the article on worst places for cycling courtesy of @sustrans

New briefing on how to fund 20mph zones – hope that our councillors will be reading this ahead of elections:

RT @guardianeco: Rising oil prices threatening airlines’ profits, warns Iata – how can loss-making industry expand?

Fresh plans launched to pedestrianise Birmingham city centre: – more to introduce shared space than pedestrianise

If UK aviation in 2010 was a country it’d be about 73rd in the world ranked on CO2 emissions. 33.45 million tonnes.

Privatising roads could worsen tax row between motorists and cyclists: – have been worried about mentions of “road tax”

Car sharing in Birmingham takes off as petrol prices rocket – how can this be bad – less congestion, cleaner air?

Building and widening roads to tackle congestion is a dead-end policy:

Waste & Resource Use
MP proposes laws that would see food waste go to charity – glad it got through first reading:

I attended a meeting of the Waste and Resource Efficiency delivery group yesterday and will write up my notes shortly.

RT @PositiveMoneyUK: To move towards economic systems that don’t require growth, move away from a debt-based system.

Getting a few photos in from our #brumcotf event on Tuesday – here’s the panel:

Our reaction to the budget can be found here: – no hope of building a sustainable economy for the future

#Budget2012 will do nothing to get us off the hook of high fossil fuel prices, @CraigBennett3 tells Guardian

Austerity, the Budget and the art of not drowning the dog (its not difficult Mr Osborne, you keep the head above water)

Julia Slay of NEF kicking off City of the Future debate #BrumCOTF

RT @EarthSummit2012: Want a 21 hour work week? Fewer hours has social, economic and ecological benefits – @NewEconomics