Here are the news stories we’ve gathered through twitter over this week:

@PlanBee1: Help Bumblebee Conservation Trust + bumble #bees by filling in a survey about bees visiting your garden:
RT @mwarhurst: “almost everything that is happening on the environment is now happening because of #EU level decisions”
RT @pauldezylva: “Bee decline should concern us all, because their wellbeing affects us.” #bees

Energy & Climate Change
Just been sent this poster which will be going up around Birmingham to help people stay warm:
Tomorrow we’re launching our Close the Door campaign in Kings Heath to get retailers to save energy and money:
Read more about our Close the Door campaign here:
RT @dpcarrington: by me: Leaked data: Palm #biodiesel dirtier than fuel from #tarsands #biofuel #oilsands

RT @WoodbrookeUK: Did you know that Woodbrooke now has solar PV panels? Read details in this week’s Good Lives blog:

Hydro-power in Wiltshire, Yorkshire, Somerset, Devon – and now Hall Green, Birmingham?
RT @BirminghamPress: the realities of a ‘low carbon’ economy: “What’s in it for me?” – agree communities need benefits
RT @guardianeco: Climate change: threats and opportunities to the UK – graphic
RT @guardianeco: Climate change set to hit the UK hard and the poorest hardest | Damian Carrington
It would be brilliant if this attempt to reveal where GWPF’s funding comes from were successful: via @leohickman
RT @wwwfoecouk: Blog: George has got it wrong on Feed-in Tariffs: What Alan Simpson (former MP) thinks:
Ask David Cameron for a Bright Solar Future:
RT @WarwicKnowledge: Climate Change: Going Beyond Dangerous

Quite impressive nonsense: RT @wwwfoecouk: Blog: Nonsense on stilts: Policy Exchange’s numbers don’t add up, again:
RT @olliehayes: Friends of the Earth: Government Loses Appeal Over ‘Unlawful’ Solar Cuts @wwwfoecouk
“Burning crops and breaking rocks: Biofuels, shale gas fracking and other ways NOT to save the planet”
Excellent blog post for @wwwfoecouk on “What Lord Lawson didn’t tell you about shale gas” by @powellds:
Lawson spouting his usual rubbish on climate change in debate with @Tonyjupiter on shale gas 2 hrs 42: via @dpcarrington

RT @digbeth: New DiG blog post, Statement from Quintain Estates regarding Island House – #saveislandhouse

Friends of the Earth: Don’t let Oliver Letwin bin green regulations @wwwfoecouk
“Unfortunately, planning process is highly permissive & designed to encourage development” @neilelkes: #saveislandhouse

RT @ReStirredForum: Follow & join the ongoing discussion on Island House on Restirred Form See: #saveislandhouse
So, should we organise a 100th birthday party for Island House? It’ll be something to celebrate if it reaches it in 2013 #saveislandhouse
RT @birminghampost: Legal contract could save 100-year-old Island House from demolition: #saveislandhouse

RT @digbeth: New DiG blog post, The fight to Save Island House is far from over! – #saveislandhouse
MT @paulmdale: Legal conundrum for Brum planners over Island House demolition row. My blog post: #saveislandhouse
We need to get everyone to object to application 2012/00182/PA to change sec106 planning conditions and allow demolition: #saveislandhouse
Joe’s take on what happened in the Planning committee meeting today to #saveislandhouse – confusion reigns:
New post on our blog about planning in Birmingham and why it’s important to #saveislandhouse not carry on demolishing:

A common agenda for retail and wholesale markets: – good post on the need to work together and promote benefits.
This rubbish about supermarkets helping regeneration: Their practices are v damaging 4 suppliers:

RT @AirportWatch: WWF report “Moving on. Why flying less means more for business”: to fly less = saving time & cash.
RT @AirportWatch: Proportion of business passengers fell between 2005 and 2010 at 5 main UK airports. #tourismdeficit
How about a bit of enforcement of parking rules, then? RT @bournvillenews: Police blast lazy parents

The cost of #HS2 today versus the cost of building the Trent Valley Railway in 1847:
RT @RichardHebditch: Government to repeat M6 Toll failure? (blog post from @Roads2Nowhere)
RT @Channel4News: #Fuel supply fears as #oil refinery stops deliveries: #Coryton #c4news

Waste & Resource Use
RT @BhamCityCouncil: Green waste collections restart from 06.2.12. You can still recycle your green waste. Here’s how:

RT @EBRI_UK: A power plant that is carbon negative? Find out how EBRI are making this a reality in our short video at

Parliament calls for urgent measures to halve food wastage in the EU:
RT @agaqueen: Making AD plants more attractive to small-scale farms | Features | Farmers Guardian:
Health Protection Agency confirms new incinerator study into affects on human health:

Only risks? RT @guardianeco: David Cameron’s eco-friendly image risks ‘retoxification’, warns WWF chief
.@DowChemical should NOT be 2012 Olympics sponsors until they take responsibility for #Bhopal. Tell @sebcoe to drop Dow
We think there needs to be a serious re-think of economics, otherwise @katecooper will be right about mass unemployment
RT @pauldezylva: “Capitalism in its current form no longer fits the world around us.” World Economic Forum debate Davos
RT @pauldezylva: Govts may be ambivalent on #sustainability but power behind thrones (World Econonic Forum) seems keen
We need a supermarket watchdog – urgently:

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