Here is our weekly round up of what’s been in the news that is relevant to our campaigns:

Save the last orangutan refuge via @AddThis

RT @foeeurope: Hilarious spoof video @ActionAidUK: DriveAid: feed the cars not the people! – love it!

RT @wwwfoecouk: Blog: Worried about disappearing bees? Get busy with us.: Launch of campaign just 2 weeks away

RT @vickihird: Friends of the Earth: Tell the Government to pull its socks up for planet friendly farming @wwwfoecouk

The world’s #rhinos are being hunted to extinction—and the #EU can save them. Sign the urgent @Avaaz petition:

Does anyone else think GIANT badgers is a bit of an exaggeration here? – big holes, yes, but the badgers?

Energy & Climate Change

Coventry-based E.ON shelves plans to build nuclear power plants: “Game over for nuclear” says Chris Crean.

RT @guardianeco: Nuclear giants RWE and E.ON drop plans to build new UK reactors

The nuclear stations shelved today would have taken 10yrs to build for 6GW of capacity In contrast, Germany installed 7.5GW of solar in 2011

RT @guardianeco: Nuclear and gas blow outs show where the dumb money is | Damian Carrington

RT @wwwfoecouk: Blog: Full steam ahead for oil and gas: More money for old technology: we’ve been here before

RT @Juliaslay: Great climate infographic

RT @carbonbrief: UK emissions are down seven per cent – but DECC is missing something big – blog –

Balsall Heath Church Centre and its Pioneering Solar Panels Impress:

RT @wwwfoecouk: Safety fears grow over North Sea #gas leak – need to switch to safe clean #energy from wind, sea & sun

RT @wwwfoecouk: Tens of thousands call for public inquiry into #BigSix energy companies: Your Final Demand…

New article on our website: “Is the #NPPF really a Sustainable Planning Policy Framework?”

“Redeveloped street layouts are a hazard for the blind”: – Surely, this can be overcome? Lots of experience already.

RT @sustrans: Although some positive guidance in the document, #NPPF could lead to an increased reliance on the car.

RT @AndrewLainton: ‘definition’ of SD says nothing about environmental limits, ecosystem services or CO2 emissions – not sustainable #NPPF

Court issues warning over planning rules shake-up as new system is set to given the green light:

Developers to Ignore City for Greenbelt?

RT @CPRE: CPRE set out Six key questions hanging over the final #NPPF

RT @BikeFoundry: The @toptubemap is here! Come get one from our shop, it’s really cool!

RT @GetActiveTravel: Want to volunteer to help people walk and cycle more often? Find out more at

RT @jossgarman: Very good post on @leftfootfwd by the legendary John Stewart @HACAN1 on the possible #Heathrowu-turn

RT @birminghammail: Special report: Crackdown on illegal parking outside Birmingham schools – About time! Other places?

Why Heathrow does not need to be expanded & the UK does not need a new hub airport. Wise & sensible comment from GACC


Nominate a local project to receive funding from @Good_Energy for renewable heat projects:

Don’t wrap our Olympics in Dow’s shame. Justice for Bhopal. #dropDow #Bhopal

If you’re in Birmingham join @UnlockDemocracy for a talk with Mark Harper MP to help open up lobbying #lobbyingbrum

Building the Manifesto for the City of the Future – report of last week: #brumcotf @powellds@juliaslay @oliverbettis

Shaz Rahman (@ShazRahman30) shares his thoughts on the City of the Future event on our blog:

RT @loafonline: Sarehole Community Bakery??? – Yes please!

‘Chancellor’s priorities are not with the environment’ | @powellds reaction to #Budget2012 here: