We’ve reacted positively to the news that plans to introduce a pilot 20mph speed limit scheme are due before Council Cabinet on Monday. This will roll out 20mph limits on residential roads across large parts of parts of central, east and south Birmingham.

As a group who have campaigned for 20mph limits for many years, we obviously feel this will make residential roads safer and more accessible for vulnerable road users, as well as cyclists and pedestrians. However we also feel the Council has to put effort into making the scheme work by winning hearts and minds, so that it can be rolled-out city wide in a couple of years.

Our Campaigns Support Worker, Julien Pritchard said:

“We are very pleased that Birmingham City Council is planning to follow-through on its commitment to 20mph. 20mph limits on residential roads are a key part of a people-centred transport system, which prioritises vulnerable road users, pedestrians and cyclists. They add a negligible 40 seconds to the average car journey, while making local roads safer and more attractive to cycle in.

“We hope that Birmingham City Council will do their utmost to make this pilot work, so 20mph limits can be rolled out on residential roads across the city. This includes making a big effort to win hearts and minds, and really show the benefits of slower speeds for everyone, including making a real case for the benefits of 20mph.

“Hopefully the Council Cabinet will approve the plans, and we can look forward to safer streets across the city in the near future.”