At Birmingham Friends of the Earth, we are passionate about saving bees from decline and raising awareness of the important role bees play in our survival. Our passion lead to the development of our Digbeth Bees Please! Appeal.

Over the past couple of months we have been fundraising to have a beehive in Digbeth Community Garden which would allow us to play an active part in honey bee conservation. The garden is the perfect haven for bees with its variety of nectar rich plants, a pond for drinking water and the right mix of sunshine and shade.

We don’t know a lot about beekeeping and was very pleased when Darren Welcome from Hives and Honey approached us about renting a beehive. £300 of the money raised has paid for the rescued beehives, bees and professional beekeeping care from Darren for 12 months. The rest of the money will be spent on sending volunteering on beekeeping courses and the necessary equipment needed to keep the beehive sustainable.

We were very excited last Tuesday when Darren came along to Digbeth Community Garden to install the beehives. Both hives were rescued locally, one from a bird box in Chelmsley Wood and the other is a combination of two small hives that would not have survived own their own. Norman from TNT news came along to film the arrival.

Beehive arrival  - Darren FB

If you are around Digbeth then pop into The Warehouse and we can take you into Digbeth Community Garden to meet the bees.