Birmingham Friends of the Earth, environmental change organisation and operators of The Warehouse in Digbeth, is seeking a new Chair of its Management Committee.

Birmingham Friends of the Earth (BFoE) Ltd exists to promote positive environmental change by increasing awareness of environmental issues. It does this particularly through campaigning and also through practical activity and space at its community environmental building, The Warehouse. It is a Community Benefit Society.

The board has overarching responsibility for all aspects of BFoE activity, but campaigns activity is delegated to our thriving campaigns group, which meets weekly and reports to the board as needed. So it is important to note that the Management Committee focuses on governance, finance, overall organisational performance and the issues relating to the building and its users.

Over the last few years we have undergone a major development of The Warehouse, funded by a community share issue, making our building more energy efficient, more accessible and with more space to use. With new tenants and more meeting rooms we are seeing an increase in our income generation, which enables our campaigns activity, and are on track to meet obligations to investors over the coming months.

Following this period of change, we are now seeking a new Chair of the Management Committee, or two co-chairs, to take the organisation forward amid the opportunities and challenges of our own context and that of the city and wider environment.

We’re seeking someone with environmental commitment, a cooperative nature and experience of leading organisational development.

The 12 person Management Committee meets five to six times a year and is responsible for setting strategy and overseeing the operation, development and staffing of the organisation. We would envisage the successful candidate becoming a management committee member for 3 to 6 months while getting familiar with the organisation before assuming the Chair role.

If you are interested in applying please send an enquiry to and we will send you an information pack. You are also welcome to get in touch for an initial chat about the role and the current context.

Deadline is Saturday 29 February