Birmingham City Council’s Parks and Nature Conservation budget is expected to be cut which will have a major impact on the management of green spaces.
We have joined other organisation in Birmingham in pledging to support a development of a 25 year plan to protect these areas.
Please join us in pledging to help protect the environment, in any way you can whether you are an individual, a business or an organisation you benefit from a healthy environment and you can help to protect and improve it

The Pledge:

The natural world is essential to achieving the priorities of the 2020 Vision for Birmingham of a strong economy with thriving local communities, a healthy, happy population, a great future for young people and where safety and opportunity for all children is delivered by a modern council.
The natural world contributes:
• to improved health and wellbeing of everyone living and working here
• increased productivity for businesses
• flood alleviation and risk management for residents and businesses
• cleaner air and carbon absorption
• a place that people want to live and establish businesses
• a thriving tourist industry
For the wellbeing of everyone who lives and works here, for future generations, and for Birmingham to be a leading city achieving the aims of the 2020 Vision;
I will do everything in my power to:
• support the development of a 25 year plan for the environment recognising the importance of all green spaces in the city and across the West Midlands Combined Authority
• secure investment to protect, manage and enhance the green spaces and corridors of the city
• actively manage land within my control to enhance benefits to the natural environment.

For more information on how you can help to protect the environment and sign the pledge, visit the Birmingham and Black Country Wildlife Trust website HERE.