Calling all current volunteers and those from days gone by”

Ever wondered how the warehouse started up, and who were the early pioneers? Saturday 16th June is when you could find out. We need young volunteers from today to interview those from 40 years ago for a video on the history of BFoE. And, of course, volunteers and workers from the 1970s and 1980s to be interviewed.

16th June is when we will be organising an all-day session at the Warehouse to complete a key part of the Heritage Lottery Funded project to document and celebrate 40 Years of Birmingham Friends of the Earth at the Warehouse.

This stage involves today’s volunteers interviewing those who were active during the earlier part of those 40 years and recording their memories for posterity. Some interviews and parts of interviews will be filmed.

The morning session on the 16th will focus on help with interview techniques and considering topics for questions. The afternoon will be for filming and recording.

The results along with video material, and the archive results will be presented to the public later in the year.

While most of us have been focused since last summer on the brilliant work in progress at the Warehouse some dedicated volunteers have been delving into the history revealed in the Library of Birmingham’s archived BFoE material, and we’ll use some of that as the basis of the interviews.

More information and times to follow, but please let us know now if you’re potentially interested, either as interviewer or interviewee.

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Twitter: @BFoEHeritage40