We have been working hard to keep the pressure of Birmingham City Council in relation to the importance of delivering carbon reductions in our city and how key the Climate Emergency Declaration is to this. The following letter and briefing was sent to all Birmingham City Councillors ahead of their Full Council Meeting on Tuesday 15th September.


Dear Councillor,

Ahead of your full council meeting on Tuesday 15th September we are writing to reemphasise the urgency and ambition that are necessary in delivering essential reductions in carbon emissions in our city.

We very much welcomed the Climate Emergency Declaration that was passed in June 2019 and were pleased with the inclusion of an ambitious and unanimously supported target of the city becoming carbon neutral by 2030. We have read the Anthesis report and, for a process with the word ’emergency’ in the title, feel that the lack of any sense of urgency or progress from the council is unacceptable. 

The attached report aims to communicate BFOE’s vision for delivering a zero carbon Birmingham and contains a brief summary of BFOE’s key priorities across the sectors identified in the Anthesis report. Most importantly we would like to emphasise that:

  • A full action plan was supposed to be produced by March 2020 but there is still no sign of this and no clarity on when it will be produced.
  • It is essential that we see a detailed plan that outlines dates, targets and responsible parties, demonstrating how progress will be made year on year.
  • The action plan needs to be meaningful for all council activities, including housing, procurement and budget-setting process.
  • There should be no back-tracking on the 2030 target that was democratically agreed.

We would also like to stress that our vision for delivering a zero carbon Birmingham was informed by the ideas and feedback that we gathered from local residents over the course of two public consultation workshops. We have worked hard to raise awareness of the Climate Emergency Declaration and what it means for our city and have tried to ensure that local residents who are not involved in any local environmental campaigning had the opportunity to contribute to this work. 

We hope that this report will be a starting point for engagement and understanding of some of the major changes which Birmingham will be working towards over the coming years, and we are happy to discuss any section or element in further detail.

Yours sincerely,
Birmingham Friends of the Earth
You can view our full report HERE