We announced our intention to release a community share issue for The Warehouse back in the summer 2016 newsletter. Here’s a quick update on what has been happening since then:

Thanks to the funding from Big Potential, we have been able to appoint the Plunkett Foundation to carry out work, including:

  • Skills audit & Recruitment support – Peter Couchman, chief executive of The Plunkett Foundation will be working out whether we have skills and time necessary to manage Birmingham Friends of the Earth.

  • Financial Modelling and Systems and Business Planning – Helen Melia will be bringing her many years of experience working on community share issues to help make sure that our figures add up.

  • Marketing strategy support – Gordon Stewart, Policy and Development Officer at The Plunkett Foundation will be helping us to make sure that we reach the right people when we’re trying to find investors.

  • Engagement support – Peter Couchman will be working with building users, tenants and potential investors to make sure that everybody is on board with this project.

  • Share offer support – Donna Smith will be helping us to gain the coveted Community Shares Standard Mark, which ensure that;

    • Our offer document and application form are easy to understand;

    • You are provided with all the facts you need to make an informed decision;

    • The facts are supported by the annual accounts and the business plan;

    • Nothing in the documents is purposefully incorrect, confusing or misleading.

  • Impact measurement – We want to make sure that we’re being as sustainable as we can and. Gordon Stewart will be helping us to find ways of measuring the positive environment that we want to create.

We’re on the lookout for potential investors at the moment. If you would like to express an interest, then please email shareissue@birminghamfoe.org.uk