It’s British bee count time! Last month was all about saving bees and raising awareness for the little pollinators. Our Bees are endangered, and we need to take action to help them survive.

In addition to professional beekeeping, hobby beekeeping has assumed an important role in long term pollinator conservation. This is why Birmingham Friends of the Earth decided to get a beehive, which will be introduced to the Digbeth community garden later this summer.

The first step was to find out if Digbeth Community Garden was suitable for a beehive. Which is why invited beekeeper Darren to come have a look in mid-May. As it turns out, we will be able to get not one, but two hives!

In the second week of June, we launched our “Digbeth Bees Please!” fundraiser on Localgiving and started promoting our appeal through social media. By the end of the first day, we had already raised £15.

By taking part in beekeeping we are playing a vital role in helping to reduce declining bee numbers. Our goal is to raise awareness of bee protection, to demonstrate how everyone can take part and to get citizens to join us! Another bonus is that the local honey which the beehive will produce could help many people in relieving their hay fever symptoms – more proof that bees are beneficial for all of us!