Dudley Road Widening Scheme. Stop the Destruction – Take Action Now!

Birmingham City Council produced plans for widening Spring Hill and Dudley Road from Spring Hill Roundabout to Summerfield Park. The plans propose conversion of most of the road into a dual carriageway.

Birmingham Friends of the Earth has carefully studied these plans and believes that they are the wrong thing to do. It is better to build on the existing strengths of the community. The community should not be severed by a fast busy road.

If enacted, the road scheme would:

  • Destroy scores of trees on the Dudley Road and Heath Road.

  • Create even heavier traffic.

  • Worsen air pollution.

  • Generally make it more difficult for pedestrians to cross the roads.

  • Make pavements narrower in some places.

  • Put cyclists on narrowed pavements to share with pedestrians.

We believe these plans will damage the environment and harm people’s health.

You can still see the proposals on the Birmingham City Council website at:


You can call also call the city council on 0121 675 6520

Please tell your councillor about your concerns:

Cllr. Sharon Thompson: sharon.thompson@birmingham.gov.uk (North Edgbaston)

Cllr. Carl Rice: carl.rice@birmingham.gov.uk (North Edgbaston)

Cllr. Sybil Spence: sybil.spence@birmingham.gov.uk (Soho & Jewellery Quarter)

Cllr. Chaman Lal: chaman.lal@birmingham.gov.uk (Soho & Jewellery Quarter)

You may also like to contact Shabana Mahmood MP

House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA

Email: shabana.mahmood.mp@parliament.uk

Template email: Dudley Road and Spring Hill Highway Improvement Scheme 2018 template email