Over the last couple of months we’ve been campaigning for an increase in provision for cycling in Birmingham with our Let’s Get Moving campaign. Our focus is on tackling this by putting pressure on local politicians to make further cycling investment a priority, however we also need more national funding to make this happen!

This Monday 2nd September, there is an opportunity to help do exactly that! MPs will meet to debate the motion: ‘This house supports the recommendations of the All-Party Parliamentary Cycling Group’s report ‘Get Britain Cycling”. The national cycling charity CTC are asking MPs to support the recommendations of the report, which include an annual Cycling Action Plan, investment in and sustained funding for cycling, road safety legislation and cycle training as a part of the national curriculum. (The full briefing for the debate can be found here).

Because national awareness and government funding are so important for what happens here in Birmingham, we’d love it if you could support the debate by encouraging your MP to attend and vote in favour of the motion.

Write to your MP

CTC have set up a webpage to easily contact your MP. Fill in your name and address and your MP will be identified and a draft email provided. You can alter it, or just send it as it is. It’s really quick, and we want to encourage as many MPs as possible to take this motion seriously and vote to support cycling in Britain.

Flashride This Sunday!

If you want to show your support in another way too, take to Birmingham on your bike on Sunday 1st September for the Ride on Birmingham Flashride, organised by the Livein Hope Campaign. Breakfast is in Victoria Square at 9.45am, and is followed by a short ride around the city. Dress up, come with friends, whatever you want; it’s going to be relaxed and fun! Check out the event’s facebook page for more info. If you want to know more then you can also email campaigns@birminghamfoe.org.uk