Climate change is a reality. Hotter, wetter weather is impacting across the globe. We see rising sea levels and an increase in extreme weather events – from record temperatures, wildfires, drought and desertification to flooding, hurricanes and more. Our world is too polluted, with plastics and CO2 emissions increasing while deforestation and animal extinctions threaten all parts of the globe. World leaders and experts will meet in Glasgow in November for the COP 26 Climate Talks. But we cannot afford yet another round of talks full of hot air and little action.

The climate justice movement will erupt onto the streets across the world as the talks take place. We need to all come together – environmentalists, trade unionists, students, community activists, anti-discrimination campaigners, faith communities, Global South activists and more – to say that people and the planet must come before the profits of the big corporations. We need system change, not climate change.

When: Saturday 6 November 2021, 12pm
Where: Millennium Point.