Who are they? They are part of a global movement demanding freedom debt slavery and aim to replace the current financial system with a new one, putting people first.

Debt and more debt. Most of us are trapped in some form of monetary debt! Are we all handcuffed to the system?

Credit cards, loans, mortgages, all are debt. Are we all spending beyond our means?

I found out about JDC at a stall at Birmingham university, where they explained what governments and business are doing round the world with taxpayers and shareholders money.

African countries, South America countries, have to pay so much interest that money is taken away from essential services; education, healthcare, and, god forbid, food for the poorer sections of the community.

Debt and interest payments are affecting the most vulnerable in society on a worldwide basis. Ghana, because of debt, is now spending 3 in every 10 dollars of government income on external debt payments and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is insisting on further spending cuts of nearly 20% per person.

90% of government debts to private lenders in sub-Saharan Africa are owned under UK law. We can demand a change in UK law so that all private loans to governments are disclosed.

To get involved visit www.birmingham.jubileedebt.org.uk

By Sanjive Muskaan