Birmingham, along with several other cities, are looking to introduce measures, including low emission zones, in a drive to cut air pollution.

Drivers in London with the most polluting cars will have to pay an extra £10 on top of the the normal Congestion Charge. Many other cities, including Birmingham, are considering following suit and introducing Low Emission Zones to try and tackle their air pollution problems.

This news follows revelations a few weeks ago that Birmingham along with London and Leeds would not meet EU air pollution limits until 2030.  Public Health England also revealed figures back in April which showed that poor air quality contributed to 520 premature deaths in Birmingham in 2010.


 “Hundreds of people die prematurely every year because of Birmingham’s dirty air – tough action is urgently needed to end this scandal.

 “Diesel vehicles are one of the biggest culprits, so while new measures aimed at reducing their harmful impact are welcome, they must be strengthened and introduced sooner.

“However, we also need to invest in alternatives to polluting cars, so people have an genuine choice how they get around our city. This is why are calling on Birmingham City Council to commit to spending £10 per person per year on walking and cycling.

“Any revenue from a Low Emission Zone should be used to fund such a commitment and investment in other forms of sustainable transport.”