Press Release: Children’s Art Competition

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Contact: Libby Harris, Birmingham Friends of the Earth Campaigner. 07955290582

Birmingham Friends of the Earth Seek Budding Young Artists

Birmingham Friends of the Earth are running an art and photography competition this summer as a fun way to encourage children and their families to think about the importance of looking after wildlife in the city.

Birmingham Friends of the Earth has been asking Birmingham City Council to stop the use of fungicides and pesticides in its parks through the Save Our Soil campaign. Although hundreds of people have already signed the petition asking the council to adapt a more environmentally friendly approach to managing its green spaces, the environmental group believes more needs to be done.

To highlight the issue, children are being asked to either paint, draw or photograph the insects that they see whilst out in the city.

Jolyon Walford, campaigner for Birmingham Friends of the Earth said:

“Research shows that the total number of some species of insect has fallen dramatically over recent years. Many butterflies and bees are in decline. If we want to see these important pollinating insects return, we must give them all the help they need.

Many cities around the UK have already banned the use of pesticides and fungicides that are known to be dangerous to bees. We think it is time that Birmingham joined them in protecting insects that help to pollinate the plants that we all rely on to stay happy and healthy.

“Earlier in the year we published a story to teach children about the dangers of pesticides. After the success of ‘What Has Happened to Mother Bee?’ we thought it would be great to write another story and to use a child’s artwork to help illustrate the cover. We look forward to seeing all the children’s pictures and choosing the winning entry.”

The competition is free to enter between 31st July and 31st August and is open to all children aged 4 – 7 and 8 -11 years living in Birmingham. Details of prizes and full terms and conditions are listed on our website:



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