This Saturday 5th December, the Library of Birmingham will be hosting Small Business Saturday, so a chance to introduce the economics side of our localisation campaign.

At the event, Simon Topman – CEO of Acme Whistles – will be giving a small business masterclass, whilst there will be help and support for small-business-people on software and communications in the digital age.

And perhaps most importantly, there will be a presentation on exploring a Birmingham Pound – a fledgling project which Birmingham Friends of the Earth have been involved in. Graham Woodruff from the Bristol Pound group will be there to discuss how Birmingham too might benefit from a local currency.

A local currency has the potential to aide small and independent businesses, and reduce corporate dependency in society, the trick is in explaining the concept and getting those entrepreneurs on board – Bristol have managed it and seen tangible, though immeasurable, results.

So do come along if you are interested in the subject of localisation and check out the programme for details: