LoveBrum is a fantastic local charity that is dedicated to supporting community groups and organisations who are trying to create positive change in the city but may be struggling to get publicity or funding. All the money that LoveBrum raise through their membership fees and fundraising stays within Birmingham and goes to three local projects every month. Last November was LoveBrum’s environment month and Birmingham Friends of the Earth had the honour of being one of three environmental projects that were showcased.

Expanding our geographical reach by taking our education and outreach work to areas of Birmingham that we have previously struggled to engage with is an aspiration that is really important to the group. Unfortunately we haven’t yet managed to make this a reality due to a lack of capacity and resources. In a bid to secure some funding for this project we submitted an application to LoveBrum and were thrilled when we found out that this was the kind of project they wanted to support. A couple of meetings and a promotional video later, LoveBrum’s environment month goes live and Birmingham Friends of the Earth are the first of three brilliant projects to be showcased.

At the end of every month LoveBrum members and the public are given one week to vote for their favourite and we were proud to share the stage with two stellar community groups: Plastic Free Moseley and Kings Heath, and Sustainable Life Birmingham. What I love most about the scheme is that every project is awarded some money no matter how many votes they get, so while we were absolutely delighted to come in second place and secure £1000 for our project, we would have been very happy whatever the result.

The funding from LoveBrum will allow us to develop a new and improved educational outreach programme, recruit one or two volunteers who will be dedicated to developing the project, create some brand new materials and resources, and reach out to community groups that we haven’t been able to engage with yet.

I would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to LoveBrum for giving us this opportunity and another thank you to everyone who supported us by casting a vote.