Light saving bulb

 Give rising energy bills the cold shoulder with some simple Home Energy Advice.

 The winter is here, and for many of us this means unaffordable gas and electricity costs, especially with the recent increases. All six major providers have upped their rates, some as high as 34%. For some people, it could be just the incentive they need for some green thinking!

 The Home Energy Advice Project offers free home assessments to help keep costs down and reduce CO2, especially for those who don’t normally take action. The service is free; just contact our energy expert, Gareth, at the Moseley Development Trust and book an appointment.

 It could be easy; something as simple as insulating your loft could save you up to £200 a year and a tonne of carbon. Using energy efficient light bulbs could save you £7 a year per bulb, and they can last twelve times longer than the older bulbs. Some savings don’t cost anything, such as turning off electrical appliances and not leaving them on standby, only boiling as much water you need or closing doors to keep the heat in.

 Recently, a Moseley resident sought advice from Gareth. Following the advice, he has taken positive steps to save energy. He requested an energy monitor from his suppliers. This way, he was able to identify where the largest amounts of energy were used and target these areas. He had loft and cavity wall insulation installed. In addition, all of the light bulbs have been changed to energy saving ones. The big expense was installing an A-grade condensing combi-boiler. All of these changes have dramatically reduced his energy consumption.

 Saving energy is not just about saving money, it means we release less carbon dioxide into the Earth’s atmosphere. We need to reduce emissions now to reduce climate change. You will not be acting alone, many local businesses and residents are taking steps to “green-up”.

 Would you, or anyone you know benefit from this? We can help point you in the right direction to become more energy efficient.

 The project is run by local non-for-profit organisations and funded by Birmingham City Council’s Working Neighborhood Fund.

 For more information please call 0121-449-8585 and ask for Gareth, email, or visit the website