The Solution 

So, what can we do to try and put a stop to this destruction? Friends of the Earth are calling for the UK government to pass a new law that will require companies to avoid harm to people and the planet in their supply chains. 


The law in more detail 

Whilst there are many ways to make sustainable choices, companies can make it difficult. This is because they use unsustainable practices to produce the products on our shelves. At this moment in time, they can easily get away with this as it is not a legal requirement to state how they produce their commodities. This is what this new law will change. It is calling for companies to be held accountable if they exploit human rights and the environment in the process, which will hopefully lead to the products being made sustainably and ethically.  


How can companies make more sustainable decisions? 

Companies that purchase their materials from other organisations can make a change by ensuring that the supplier is ethical. This will be made easier by this law, as the supplier will have to explicitly state how they make their resources. Should the supplier be unethical, companies will be encouraged to make a change and find more appropriate materials for their products. 



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