BFoE were delighted to sponsor Paget Rangers at the end of March and I attended the match with fellow BFoE volunteers. Although it may not seem so, there is actually a lot of cross over in what we do. We are both community led organisations that rely on volunteers to help our local area. Those of us that went along really admire non-league football clubs, who sit at the heart of a local community. In a world where inequality in football is ever increasing, leading to a bubble that will inevitably burst; it is great to have clubs, run by volunteers who are passionate about football. I have attended about 5 Paget matches in the past and the team spirit has always impressed me. I thought that BFoE sponsoring Paget Rangers for the day was good way to overlap the two causes of environmental campaigning and football. I really liked how the players and the fans interacted at the Paget game and if you want to have a post-match beer with the players then you can! That would never happen at the top level of the men’s professional game.

And as ever, local fixture Tannoy Tom was in action- who also just happens to be an investor and member of BFoE too!