At the heart of the second city are acres of green space that have a history as deep and rich as any museum in the world. The site in Sparkhill that housed the world famous BSA motorcycle factory and exported goods across the globe is now returning to nature to give us all an oasis of calm in the ever expanding metropolis.

The ‘Friends of Ackers’ have asked the BTCV to take the lead role in restoring large parts of the woodland so that the community can have an area to relax in and learn about nature in all its glory. The project has many diverse areas from wetlands to shaded tree-lined walks and offers the chance to see many of wildlife’s wonders, such as the majestic heron and the intense beauty of the kingfisher.

The programme the BTCV are running on the site relies solely on volunteers and input from the community and local groups who visit the site and help with the work needed to create this valuable resource. With many different conservation techniques needed to complete work, and hands to carry them out, we are always ready and waiting with a set of tools and a hot cup of tea for everybody who wants to get involved.

The ‘Green Gym’, which is also run by the BTCV alongside general volunteering, gives people the chance to get more hands-on experience in conservation and learn new skills. The scheme, which runs over a period of ten weeks, is set up to help individuals who may need extra help with learning or who are looking for a career change due to unemployment. 

Conservation and a greener lifestyle are welcome additions to any community and with the raw materials on the doorstep you don’t have far to go to make your mark for generations to come.

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If you wish to volunteer with the BTCV, please contact Stef Lewandowski by email or telephone 07917053710.

Stef Lewandowski