As you come out of the ticket barrier, turn towards the Stephenson Street exit. Go through the glass doors, turn right and then follow the line of the building to go through a pedestrian walkway that takes you past cycle parking, then a Green (planted) Wall. Carry on until you come to a junction with a road (Smallbrook Queensway). Cross over this road to the pavement and turn left, going under the Pavilions/Bull Ring Centre.

At the end of the tunnel you will come out at a junction with dual-carriage Moor St, opposite Moor Street Station. Cross over the dual carriage road (pedestrian lights) towards Moor Street Station. Go down the hill to the right of the station, on the pavement. Turn first left under the railway bridge, along Park Street, and then right into Shaws Passage immediately after the bridge. We’re on the left at the bottom. The door to reception is round the corner on Allison Street.

The Warehouse is marked with a bright green square on this map.

The walking route from the station is marked in red dots, which turn dark red when the route goes under a tunnel.

Image taken from Visit Birmingham.