The University of Birmingham People & Planet Society is one of many People & Planet groups that make up the largest student network in the UK, campaigning to end world poverty, defend human rights and protect the environment.

As a group, we are running successful campaigns, against Tar Sands and the Buy Right Campaign, which aims to improve the rights of garment manufacturers in developing countries. We are also setting up practical spin-off projects such as a Food Co-op and the Green Bike Project.

On 18th-22nd February, University of Birmingham People and Planet will be hosting our annual Go Green Week. Go Green Week is a national week with universities up and down the country participating through the People and Planet network.

The Old Joe Clocktower face will turn green for another year running, as a whole host of events and activities get underway to promote environmental behaviour, education, and activism. We are partnering up with many other societies and organisations to bring what we hope to be the biggest and best Go Green Week we have ever co-ordinated. You can see what will be going on during the week listed below…

Monday 18th:

  • Free veggie burgers given away to students on their walk to campus to promote eating less meat.

  • 6-8pm: Green Economics with Molly Scott Cato, Green Party economics spokesperson.

Tuesday 19th:

  • Trips to Northfield Eco Centre.

  • 5-7pm: A talk by Engineers Without Borders on poverty and sustainability, and how engineers can provide some ethical solutions.

  • 7-9pm: People and Planet with Birmingham Friends of the Earth – “Energy We Can All Afford – A Greener Energy Future?” – including Guy Shrubsole, Friends of the Earth energy campaigner, MP for Selly Oak Steve McCabe, and Lorraine Gumbs from Warm Zones, as well as other speakers who are still to be confirmed.

Wednesday 20th:

  • 11-3pm: Ethical & Environmental Careers Fair.

  • 6-7pm: Education for Sustainable Development campaign talk and the Green Bike Project Student Co-operative.

Thursday 21st:

  • 2-4pm: Love Food Hate Waste teaches you how to reduce food waste.

  • 5-6pm: Session on the exciting new Student Housing Co-op that is being set up.

Friday 22nd:

  • Idle No More action in the City Centre in solidarity with the Canadian First Nations communities affected by the Tar Sands.
  • 5-6pm: How to get to a Zero Emissions UK in an interactive workshop led by undergraduate engineers.

Saturday 23rd:

  • Trip to the Centre for Alternative Technology.

Please do come along to these events and go to the ‘University of Birmingham People and Planet Society’ Facebook Page for full Go Green Week 2013 event details and updates.

If you’re a student, we hold meetings every Wednesday 3-4pm, meeting at Guild Reception. Go to the ‘University of Birmingham People and Planet Society’ Facebook group to keep updated. We can also help you set up your own P&P group like at BCU!