If you would like to get in touch with candidates in your ward, we have created a handy Template for you to use. You can even make changes and/or additional comments to reflect what is important to you. 

Candidate Name: Siobhan Harper-Nunes – Green Party


Question Yes/No Additional Comments
Do you support an ambitious recycling plan for council collected waste that will allow the incinerator to close by 2034?  Yes Birmingham has one of the worst recycling records in the country. We need to step up!
Do you support making sure climate change is at the heart of council decisions and spending, prioritising the implementation of the Route to Zero plan?  Yes Birmingham made a commitment to this years ago but without Greens in the room, will continue to renege on it’s own promises
Would you be willing to take a carbon literacy course to supplement your understanding of urgent measures the council could take to reduce CO2 emissions? Yes The more informed we are the better equipped we are for persuading others
Do you support the implementation of the Birmingham Transport Plan that prioritises reliable and well coordinated public transport and increased facilities for active travel? Yes We need a well organised public transport system for us to deliver Route to Zero
Will you support the council to be more ambitious in improving energy efficiency in council buildings and houses by having larger scale projects instead of smaller trials? Yes And we need to properly insulate homes and to prioritise homes in areas of fuel poverty
Do you commit to engagement with your constituents by holding regular and frequent public ward meetings? Yes I will be available and accountable to residents