Some hope

It’s been a while since I was grumpy on these pages but, having tortured myself around 26 miles to raise money for BFoE in the Canal Canter on Saturday, I thought it was time for a little moan again.

People do Birmingham down all the time, but they really shouldn’t and this walk was a fine illustration of the places we have to go walking. The first half of it was an absolute pleasure with a real variety of different places and a heart full of optimism, although the second half was much harder to appreciate as the legs began to give way and the novelty of canal tow-paths began to fade. There was plenty of moaning done then by me and my walking partner I assure you!

All along the walk there were loads of sloes and other berries, crab apples and other edible things that would be of interest to those who like eating for free and I can’t help thinking we should make a lot more of the fact that food can be grown in the city. Stingy people like me should certainly be getting out there and using what’s there, while generous people could go out and do a bit more guerilla gardening and plant more fruity treats.

What annoyed me most on the walk, though, was cyclists zooming along with no manners to say excuse me or thank you when you needed to get out of the way, and I heard a lot of other walkers moaning about these rude people too. As a cyclist myself, I always thanks people for getting out of the way on a shared space with pedestrians.  It doesn’t take much so, come on cyclists, please do the same if you want people to think kindly of you and be considerate.

Tow-paths are one of the only car-free places we have to explore Birmingham cycling and walking and they are lovely places, so let’s not spoil people’s enjoyment of them or we might just end up in the drink