FoodCycle, a London-based registered charity, addresses three main problem areas:

  • Wasted Food: Approximately 400,000 tonnes of surplus food can be reclaimed each year from the food retailer industry 

  • Food Poverty: In the UK, 4 million people are affected by food poverty. Malnutrition costs the NHS approximately £13 billion every year.


  • Volunteering: Over 2.4m people in the UK are currently searching for work. These people need opportunities to develop skills and affect their community positively.


There are currently multiple FoodCycle kitchens around the UK, but until now there has not been one in Birmingham… 

We are a team of volunteers currently in the process of setting up an exciting new FoodCycle kitchen in Birmingham!


Once established, we will collect surplus produce locally (from supermarkets and other food shops where it would otherwise be thrown out) and use it to prepare nutritious meals in a professional kitchen. We will then serve these delicious meals to those in need in the community.


We are currently fundraising for this project, as well as looking for volunteers to help with the cooking once the kitchen has been set up.


If you would like to donate, or fancy the challenge of cooking with reclaimed ingredients, or are simply interested in finding out more about what we are doing, please email us at


More information is also available on the FoodCycle website:

Your help will be much appreciated – we look forward to hearing from you!


The Birmingham FoodCycle Team