Guest Article – Second Pedals

Second Pedals is a new community bicycle regeneration project based in Castle Vale, Birmingham. We registered as a CIC, Community Interest Company, on 4th December 2015. We thought of the idea during last year’s summer.

We had a child’s bike on our hands that was not being used and put it up for sale. A 7-year-old girl came to purchase it with her father. Unfortunately, it was too small for her and left her upset without a bike. As keen peddlers ourselves, we felt that this little girl should also be able to enjoy a bicycle, so we set about looking for one for her, we managed to find her one she could use. From that point on, we have been taking in unwanted, unused bikes, servicing them back to life to then find them new homes at affordable prices, where they can be enjoyed once again.

At Second Pedals, we believe that peddling is a great way to relax, break away from daily stress, and enjoy some fresh air. As a female led organisation, we both love leisurely going through a park, taking in the fresh air and enjoying some sunshine. Having both lived in Germany, where using a bicycle is very natural and part of everyday life, we have been strongly influenced by their culture.

Not only does peddling boost our mental wellbeing, it also allows us to stay active while going about our daily routines, like going to the shop, visiting friends or family or even going to work. Using a bicycle not only improves the peddlers’ physical and mental state, it also enables us to help make our communities greener.

Our volunteers also appreciate bicycles and all the benefits that come with peddling and we enjoy working with them closely. We hope that we can encourage more peddling by providing affordable bicycles and inspire more girls to confidently push those pedals through our various activities.

Happy Peddling.
The Second Pedals Girls