Hello, I’m a bee and I love nature and the world.


I am a new helper with a fantastic organisation called Birmingham Friends of the Earth (BFoE), based in Digbeth. They do lots of fun activities and campaign about the environment, isn’t that cool!


Children and parents! Can you help me? I need a new name. I thought it would be a FUN way to support BFoE to carry out the work that we do. Us bees are in decline because of dangerous chemicals and also because of climate change. 

Please help us by choosing my new name and making a donation (every pound helps!). You can find me at BFoE stalls during May, June and July. I’d love to take a selfie with you too! Come and put your suggestion in the hat!

If you can’t make it to one of our stalls then you can email your suggestions to info@birminghamfoe.org.uk and you can donate online (suggested donation £1)