Media coverage has mainly centred around transport issues over the past couple of months, which certainly makes a change from wheelie bins!

First up was an interview for Midlands Today about the “Car 2 Go” scheme. You may remember that I was interviewed on this subject back in the summer. Three months into the scheme and I was interviewed again. I pointed out that if people were jumping in them to go a short distance across town, then it would be increasing emissions compared to a trip that was probably done by bike or foot before. Whereas if it was being used in a way which meant people were giving up a car, and just using the scheme when they needed one, then there would be an environmental benefit.

However with a “Car 2 Go” average journey of 3 miles, it would appear to be very much the former.

I was also interviewed on the Radio WM Danny Kelly Show about a story from the Daily Mail about how we were all going to have 30 recycling bins outside our homes because of the EU. I made the case for separation of recycling, especially glass, in order to produce a better quality recyclate, but also acknowledged that we needed to make it easy for people.

Our comedy gig also provided an opportunity for some media coverage with an interview to promote the gig on the Adrian Goldberg show on BBC Radio WM and a great piece in the Birmingham Mail online previewing the gig.

Finally for the launch of the Birmingham Mobility Action Plan, I was interviewed on BBC Midlands Today giving the plans a cautious welcome as a holistic, sustainable and ambitious vision for transport that puts people first. While also pointing out that it needs the political will to make it a reality.

That’s probably it for media for this month, but I’m sure we’ll have plenty more opportunities to get our message across in the New Year.