It is hard to really fault my experience at Blue Nile – for a cheap, tasty, healthy meal served efficiently and hospitably, this Ethiopian/Eritrean restaurant comes highly recommended. Despite being springtime it was blowing a blizzard outside when we arrived, but the waiter helpfully positioned a radiator near our table to warm us up. Although there is a lot of meat on the menu, the fabulous vegetarian yefisik beyaynetu provides a host of different dishes and can be shared by all diners.

The best bit is that it comes on injera – a big spongy tangy bread that you can eat once all the toppings have been devoured. The whole thing is vegan, provides variety and most importantly it is delicious. To top it off you can wash it down with a bottle of tej – an Ethiopian honey wine. It’s all brilliant value and the whole restaurant has a really friendly atmosphere. If you have the time, treat yourself to a coffee ceremony, where roasting beans are brought to your table before being ground and served.

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