Our addiction to cars. Do buses smell? Do we feel safe or is it may be below our status to travel on buses or public transport generally?

More roads we build, the more we use them the more congested they become the more pollution we breath in, more people die.

40,000 plus breathing humans die every year in UK from pollution- officially, but it could be a lot more. Lack of foresight and maybe common sense in how we plan our transport system. Are we lazy or just uninterested in how we commute from a to b? Are you leaving it to other people or government to make the changes, albeit late, and a bit forced when we are planning our journey to work to see friends or family?

Are we travelling for the sake of travelling? Maybe New York or Paris for the weekend by plane – just for the weekend because we have the time and the money.

Every minute of the day some child in the world is dying because of lack of food. Maybe if we have time to think we should cycle, walk more. Or maybe sit still and do nothing. Do we really need to travel as much?

Cycling is fun and a spiritual exercise for me, I like to feel the wind, rain, and the sun on my face. I feel a bit free.

Public transport, cycling starts with you. Maybe we need to think about it a bit more, in what we do!

Everything else is just a illusion, including you!