Hello, my name is Kyeongseok Kim and I am a university student, studying a masters in Public Policy. I have been undertaking a job based placement at Birmingham FoE since December 2022 and due to finish at the end of April 2023. Before I came to Birmingham in 2021, I had worked at the Ministry of Environment (MOE) in South Korea for 13 years. During my work in MOE, I had dealt with issues such as climate change, air quality and bio-diversity. So, I decided to take the opportunity to join Birmingham FoE.

When I started my placement in Birmingham FoE, I thought I was lucky to have a chance to experience work in an environmental NGO in the UK. I have been involved with the ‘Warm Homes’ and ‘Save Our Soil’ campaigns. I could feel the passion of the volunteers in Birmingham FoE. Together we have engaged with the wider public and organisations and convey to them the meaning of what we do. Many people we met on the streets in Birmingham showed great interest in our campaigns and supported them. This made me feel very proud.

‘There is no planet B.’ This is my favourite phrase. To protect our planet, we must act now, and the best and most effective way is to stand together in solidarity. My experience at Birmingham FoE was truly an unforgettable moment. It became a priceless opportunity to broaden my view of the earth and the environment. And above all, I am happy to meet good people. They are passionate and take pride in volunteering here. This is why I highly recommend this place to volunteers and placement students who want to do something meaningful.