My name is Celina, I study environmental psychology in Germany and the Netherlands and came to BFoE for a two-month placement in April 2023. It was my first time ever working at an environmental organisation or an NGO in general and my first time living in England. 

I mainly worked together with Libby to plan new campaigns, think about the next steps, organise the campaigns meetings, and help with the day-to-day tasks. The main project that I focused on was preparing the volunteer information webinar that took place at the end of May. This included the promotion of the event online as well as in person, the organisation and preparation of materials such as the presentation that we wanted to share with the attendees, and finally the realisation of the webinar. Lastly, I worked on a sustainability challenge for the Green Week, where people can find out in a fun way, how they can integrate sustainability in their daily lives. 

I really enjoyed the past two months that I did my placement here. Libby is just a lovely person and also everyone else in the office is really nice. It was my first time working in an office because all my other jobs and placements have always been remote work, and I just loved the warm and positive atmosphere in the BFoE office. During my placement I never got the feeling that I am “only an intern”, from the beginning l was give tasks that added value to the work at BFoE and I always felt like my opinion was welcome and valued. The work at BFoE gave me the feeling of actually doing something meaningful, that was in line with what I study and gave me a good impression what it would be like to work at an environmental organisation.

Overall, I can only say positive things about my placement and can only encourage everyone who is thinking about undertaking a placement at BFoE to just do it.