Saturday 9th November saw folks from Balsall Heath is our Planet, XR Balsall Heath and Bham FOE engaging with the Saturday morning shoppers on the Moseley Road.. 

The road widening proposals have not been translated into any language other than English; in what is a very multi-cultural area, where many languages are spoken. Indeed some of the adults were told about the plans by their children as we asked them to sign our petitions. This is the probably the first they have heard about the plans which would see not only the road widened BUT the pavements severely narrowed and the urban realm undermined.  

Jo, Jane, Daniela, Jessica, Ruth, 2 John’s and 2 Chris’s  spent 2 hours in the rain collecting @150 signatures and promoting a Joint Balsall Heath and Sparkbrook Ward Forum on Wednesday 13th October in the Balsall Heath Parish Centre on Mary Street B12 9JU. The proposals are on the agenda and a discussion will be introduce by John Newson from BHisOP. Thanks also to Tel and Mary for allowing the petition to be passed around their double Birthday celebrations in The Old Mo on the evening. 

The plans will also remove 5 mature street trees 4 of which are London Planes. Each tree has been dressed with Yellow Ribbons and now boast signs saying “DON’T CUT ME DOWN!!!” 

We were also able to take shelter in the foyer of a nearby supermarket which enabled many useful conversations to be had away from the rain. Some time was also taken to measure the width of the roadway and existing pavements just to be able to show to people how threatening this scheme is to this ever thriving and vibrant part of our inner City, 

A warming cuppa, bowl of soup and or bowl of veggie chilli was then shared in the excellent Mix café part of the Old Print Works.

Thanks to all who braved the weather..Chris Crean 9th November 2019