We’ve compiled a list of resources, including some suitable for children. 

Many of the books can be borrowed from Birmingham Libraries.

The Sustainable(ish) Living Guide by Jen Gale
The Future We Choose by Christiana Figures and Tom Rivett-Carnac
The Hidden Life of Trees by Peter Wohlleben
The Story of Stuff by Annie Leonard
50 Ways to Help the Planet by Sian Berry
Can We Save the Planet? By Alice Bell
What Can I Do? By Jane Fonda
SOS: What you can do to reduce climate change by Seth Wynes
This is Not a Drill: the Extinction Rebellion Handbook edited by Clare Farrell, Alison Green, Sam Knights and William Skeaping

For children
This Book Will (Help) Cool the Planet by Isabel Thomas and Alex Paterson
Climate Action: the future is in our hands by Georgina Stevens
Save Your Planet by Ben Hoare and Jade Orlando
Helping Our Planet by Jane Bingham
Earth Heroes by Lily Dyu and Amy Backwell
Greta and the Giants by Zoe Tucker

Climate Change – The Facts (58 mins) BBC
The People Vs Climate Change (63 mins) BBC
Climate Change: Ade on the Frontline (3 episodes, 59 mins each) BBC
The State of the Planet (27 mins) BBC
Kiss the Ground (1hr 24 mins) Netflix
David Attenborough A Life on Our Planet (1hr 23 mins) Netflix
Our Planet (8 episodes) Netflix
Australia on Fire: Climate Emergency (47 mins) Channel 4
Breaking Boundaries: the Science of our Planet (1hr 14 mins) Netflix
Down to Earth (8 episodes) Netflix
Cowspiracy (91 mins)
Chasing Coral (93 mins)
A Plastic Ocean (1hr 42mins – full version)

The Climate Question BBC
The Sustainable(ish) Podcast
Praana Cafe
Ethical Marketing podcast – Greenwashing episode
New Economics Foundation podcast
How Can We Tackle the Climate Crisis While Levelling Up?
A Climate Conversation Between Two Generations
Fighting the Climate Crisis in the Courts

Web Resources
Friends of the Earth
Friends of the Earth on YouTube
Project Drawdown
Emergency on Planet Earth from Chanel 4 News
Greenpeace on YouTube
Reasons to be Cheerful Climate/Energy stories
TED Talk videos about Climate Change
Global Weirding on YouTube
8 Ways to Raise Eco-Forward Kids
Policy Connect’s UK Climate Policy Dashboard
Positive.News Environment Stories
What Can I Do About Climate Change

Thinktank Our Changing Planet gallery
Centre of the Earth from Birmingham and Black Country Wildlife Trust
EcoPark from Birmingham and Black Country Wildlife Trust