In August 2008, residents of Wyre Close, Rubery, made a stand about a proposed radio base station to enhance mobile phone coverage.

A plan by Vodaphone, the mobile phone company, to site a mast in the Dingle Social Club car park, was opposed by the residents of adjacent Wyre Close. They worried that the 12 metre high mast and its three antenna might have health impacts. Their representative, Charles Perry, claimed that the masts do cause problems and are the causes of illnesses.

In their defence, Dr Rob Matthews, advisory manager of the 'electromagnetic field emissions unit' for Vodaphone, defended the mast on the basis that it would easily comply with the international guidelines laid down by the International Commission on Non-ionising Radiation Protection.

In the event, the contentious issue was not resolved – news emerged in September 2008 that the mast is likely to be sited down the road.