The Birmingham Environmental Education Project (BEEP) started with a bang on bonfire night with a speaker event and re-launch evening.
BEEP is an education-based environmental charity that covers Birmingham and the West Midlands.  Its volunteers deliver talks, meetings and workshops on issues such as recycling, transport, climate change and environmental issues that effect us both locally and globally.
The event began with a talk by myself explaining climate change.  The short lecture was a simple introduction with props instead of PowerPoint, laughs instead of long words and, of course, a song on my ukulele at the end.  Afterwards there was a chance to talk to the BEEP staff (me) and ask questions about what BEEP is and what it does.  
We are always looking for groups, classes or whole schools full of people who are concerned or want to know more about the environment and issues such as climate change.  So, if you have any suggestions, please contact BEEP via the e-mail address below or through the usual BFOE channels.  If you are passionate about the environment and want to spread your enthusiasm, get in touch for more information about becoming a volunteer.