The United for Warm Homes campaign was launched in 2022 and is driven by grassroots groups across England, Wales and Northern Ireland, united around a common goal: warm homes that don’t cost the earth.  

Birmingham Friends of the Earth are seeking campaign partners: local groups and organisations who are dedicated to supporting people through hard times or holding governments and our elected leaders to account. 

You might be a foodbank, community group, an organisations providing services or a faith community. You might be an environmental group that is used to campaigning at local or national level, concerned about the impact that the current UK energy policy is having on the planet.

During the pandemic, we saw how strong and united communities can pull together in the toughest of times. We hope to harness this same spirit and join together in telling politicians that they must fix the energy crisis.

By linking our campaign with others across the country, we can build a national movement that’s too powerful for political parties to ignore.

You can contact us to find out more about the United for Warm Homes campaign and how you can sign the pledge on behalf of your group, to help show a united front across our community.  

We believe that we can unite to win the fight for warm homes that don’t cost the earth.