What we’re calling for
We want Birmingham to make the best use of its local resources. Making it easier for the population of Birmingham to reduce, reuse and recycle will ultimately help us reach the aim of making Birmingham a localised zero waste city. 

We are asking Birmingham City Council to… 

  • Make it easier for people to recycle inedible food waste, by providing a food waste collection service and supporting home/community composting  
  • Make it easier to recycle more types of waste from home 
  • Use local companies to process Birmingham’s waste 

…to ultimately close the incinerator at Tyseley. 

Why now?
Birmingham’s waste contract with Veolia is going to extend to 2034. We couldn’t stop it but we still have the opportunity for a greener waste system. Now is the perfect opportunity for a greener waste system. Now is the time for Birmingham City Council to think differently about the resources in the city’s rubbish. There has never been a more important time to act than now. 

What you can do
If you agree that Birmingham needs a better waste system, then there are many ways you can get involved and push for a greener and more efficient waste system… 

  • Share any action taken using the hashtag #wasteisntrubbish 
  • Write to your councillor to ask them to support the campaign 
  • Ask your community/campaign groups to support Waste Isn’t Rubbish 
  • Take individual or community action by setting up a compost bin if you have a garden/allotment  
  • Read blog posts for the campaign and stay educated on the issue

Feel free to get in touch with us for more information regarding the campaign or to get involved with the campaign itself!