Science and justice demands that society massively reduces energy consumption, produces energy from low carbon renewable sources (such as wind, sun and ground heat) and that energy production is owned by local communities rather than big businesses.

Year after year, commitments have come and gone with very little to show for it. Mass corporations are unlikely to give up their power without mass mobilisation of people demanding for climate justice. Working with other people and groups with similar passions and objectives presents a united front. Here at Birmingham FoE, we are working to build sustained pressure on the council to ensure we get the change we need. Feel free to get in touch and get involved!

Birmingham FoE supports the global Fossil Free divestment campaign which calls for: a fast and just transition to 100% renewable energy for all, no new fossil fuel projects anywhere and not a penny more for dirty energy. There are also numerous ongoing national campaigns against aviation expansion and fossil fuel extraction that are worth getting involved with. The importance of renewable energy has been recognised in local community energy projects like Community Energy Birmingham – where all shareholders get a fair share of profits from the installation of renewable energy sources while benefiting community organisations by making their service more financially and environmentally sustainable.

As citizens of Birmingham, we have the power to influence local councillors and decision makers to create a better future, we must use every opportunity to push for the change we want to see in the world. Get in touch with your councillor about the need for strong climate action, not just as climate action ‘plan’. Or go a step further and ask them for a meeting and try to develop an ongoing relationship with them! Get in touch if you would like any support with lobbying politicians.