Take Back Parliament

Friends of the Earth are members of the Take Back Parliament coalition for electoral reform. You may have seen people dressed in purple on the news around the time of the election. This was part of the movement which called for a new system to elect our representatives so that every voice included within the environmental community would be heard.

The good news is that the pressure from Take Back Parliament helped to make the referendum on an Alternative Vote (AV) happen. Whatever the voting reform people ultimately want, this referendum is our best opportunity in almost one hundred years for positive change to a fairer voting system. Take Back Parliament has now set its sights on winning the referendum next May to set our country on a journey to a full and open parliament for the people, especially those who the current system shuts out, and not for politicians canvassing a small proportion of marginal voters.

Part of our campaign is to create local branches of the purple cause in cities and towns across the country that will campaign for a yes vote to AV next May. In Birmingham we will be meeting regularly and campaigning at the Conservative Party Conference in October. Our next meeting will be at Bennett’s Bar in Birmingham at 6.30 pm on Monday 19th July.

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