As part of Waste Isn’t Rubbish campaign, we are asking members of the public to write to their councillor, asking for an end to ‘incinerator lock in’. You can find out who your councillors are HERE Or you can write to your councillor using our online form HERE.


I am concerned to learn that the Tyseley incinerator, which is owned by the City Council, is the largest single source of carbon dioxide emissions in Birmingham. As my councillor, I want you to respond to the Climate Emergency by asking that the Council does not sign a new contract to lock itself into continued large-scale burning of our household waste.

Instead, please ask for a plan for separate collections, to allow the maximum to be reused, recycled or rotted, as happens in the leading local authorities. I would be willing to separate my waste.

Please keep me informed about your progress with this burning issue.

I see that Birmingham Friends of the Earth has produced a briefing on their website:

Yours sincerely