Bees are an essential component in helping to sustain our food and economy. We rely on them to pollinate our fruit and vegetables and without them it would cost farmers around £1.8 billion to do this manually.

Researchers have estimated that bees contribute £651 million to the UK per year. They also found that 85 per cent of the UK’s apple crop and 45 per cent of the strawberry crop relies on bees to grow.

Therefore, without their help there would be a decrease in the productivity of many of the crops we rely on.

British bees are in decline due to factors including; habitat loss, changes in land use, toxic pesticides and climate change.

There are over 260 species of wild bee in the UK and none of these are protected by law and many businesses often put economic growth before nature which is why our bees are suffering.

We need your help to help save our beloved British bee. You can help protect them and halt their decline.