It is becoming increasingly evident that we need to double the UK’s tree cover by 2045 as part of a string of measures in the fight against climate change. National Government and Local Authorities play a huge role in driving this but there is a part for communities and organisations to play in taking action. It’s not just about planting trees but planting the right tree in the right place as well as not removing healthy trees.  

As well as committing to increasing tree cover to 36%, Birmingham City Council needs to be following through the targets set in the Birmingham Tree Policy. The City Council has an important role in protecting and developing the city’s green infrastructure, by developing tree management policies, including strategies for future maintenance and improvement consideration of sustainable urban building and infrastructure design along with monitoring of the working methods adopted when the work is done close to existing trees. 

The engagement of the citizens, communities and businesses is not of less importance. Maintaining and improving the natural environment of our cities is not the ambition of a single group or organisation. Instead, it is something that should be taken into account by all, in order to create a better environment for themselves, for the future generations and other species within the city.