Last Sunday (27 November) I attended Footsteps’ Tread Lightly on the Earth event at the Al Hijrah Banqueting Hall. It was great to meet so many people. The event was held to discuss the energy price crisis, how it affects faith communities and action that’s being taken. Footsteps also launched their new Energy Champions project at the event. 

The conference was a success with people from various faith and non faith groups in attendance. The conference was opened by the Imam from Al Hijrah Masjid, who recited some verses from the Quran. Nassar Mahmood, Al Hijrah Mosque Chair and Unity FM CEO gave an explanation on how the venue was acquired and that he was part of a radio station that operated from the mosque. The radio station had been a success in spreading the word on different issues.

The local Scouts group were on hand to help with the running of the event. They said they were enjoying being part of the group and have learnt a lot.

There were plenty of lively discussions – a Birmingham resident talked about what he remembered about life growing up in Birmingham and how the cost of living was affecting almost everyone and what the muslim community was doing in the community to help with the cost of living crisis.

A Rabbi talked about the importance of bringing different communities together and how pleased she was to see people from different faiths coming together to talk about things that were affecting everyone in life.

Councillor Majid Mahmood of Bromford and Hodge Hill ward and Cabinet Member for the Environment talked about the various campaigns he is involved with. He also mentioned the £5 million that Birmingham City Council had received from the Government and how it was going to help the people of Birmingham.

We then went into breakout groups where we given cards on how to save energy and were asked to discuss what we thought about the energy saving ideas.

The event ended with a prayer by Rev John Nightingale. It was great to be part of a community focused event that brought people together from different faiths and backgrounds.