After Christmas we need to think about what we can make the world a better place. So heres a few tips.


Christmas Presents 

 »  Pass on or give away unwanted gifts to charity or list on freecycle.
 »  Dont forget to pass on to charity or freecycle those things that have been replaced, overlooked items by shiny new things such as mobile phones.
 »  Pass books on when you've read them 


Left overs
 »  Compost left overs
 »  Feed the birds with dried out mincepies and other leftovers
Recycle, Reuse
 »  Flatten pieces of wrapping paper and store with christmas decorations to use next year
 »  Small glass baubles can be packed in egg cartons. Larger decorations wrap in tissue and foam back between.
 »  Half fill a jar with pine needles, add 2 teaspoon of vodka and top up with corn oil. Shake daily for 1 week, strain and use as bath oil.
 »  Greeting cards can be made into gift tags by cutting shapes our of cards, using pinking shears or scissors and add ribbon to use next year.
 »  If this sounds too intensive, support the Woodland Trust campaing and recycle your christmas cards by dropping them off at a WHSmith store, TESCO supermarket (including selected Express stores), TK Maxx stores and M&S. For every ton of paper recycled 17 trees saved.



 »  Keep a small piece of holly until next Christmas for good luck. Shred all other dead greenery and use as garden mulch.
 »  Sprays of ivy maky have grown small roots by now. They can be planted outside to climb up a wall.
 »  Remove dead greenery from the wreath. If the frame is metal, rub with wire wool and a little oil to prevent rusting and pack away.
 »  Recycle Christmas Tree in your green Council garden waste collection
 »  If your Christmas tree has roots, dig a hole in the garden, fork in some peat and firm the soil round the tree's roots and water well.
 »  With a knife cut small flaps of bark under the branch of a tree and plant mistle berries by pressing under each flap
 »  To work to diminish the suffering of others rather than add to it!
 »  Join freecycle and pass stuff on.
 »  Save the world, help Birmingham Friends of the Earth with their many campaigns. Come to a Monday night meeting.